BROADCAST Delay Service

broadcast delay service web interface

Worlds Most Advanced Broadcast Profanity Delay Software

Run up to 6 Profanity Delay units on a single windows machine, each unit is packed full of features including expand and compress modes, censor tone insertion, email notifications with dumped audio and compatibility with Axia, Wheatstone and Ember+ control protocols.

Four Build Modes

  1. Expand mode which slows down playback rate
  2. File insert which plays a default or scheduled audio file
  3. External input which routes an external audio input to the transmission chain
  4. Pre-roll which allows announcers to being talking before show has started

Two Exit Modes

  1. Compress Mode which speeds up playback rate
  2. Roll Out which allows buffer to playout whilst input is muted. BDS also offers bypass input mixing when rolling out for seamless transition.

Three Dump Modes

  1. Full dump which empties entire delay buffer
  2. Partial dump which removes the desired dump size
  3. Censor dump which plays a default or scheduled audio file maintaining the delay buffer.

Censor Button

Have piece of mind that your broadcast is always protected with pre and post delay censor tone insertion. Each profanity delay instance allows an operator to insert a time aligned tone to ensure your broadcast is protected.

Stream Deck

Control you profanity delay units using the BDS Plugin for Stream Deck. All Units can be externally controlled from the Stream Deck Mini, Stream Deck and Stream Deck XL

Email Notifications

When the Dump button is pushed two files are stored, compressed and emailed. These audio clips contain the audio that was dumped and the audio that went to air