Broadcast Delay Service Tutorial Videos

Building with Expand Mode

Expand Mode will slow the rate of playback allowing the audio buffer to build. when the buffer reaches desired delay size it will resume normal playback

Building with File Insert Mode

File insert mode will insert audio clip into transmission output whilst the audio input is buffered, the inserted file will be stretched and squeezed to meet desired delay size

Building with External Input

 Much like File insert mode, External input will insert a external audio input into transmission output whilst the audio input is buffered, the external input will be inserted for the duration of the delay size

Exiting Delay Using Compress Mode

Compress mode will speed up the rate of audio playback until the audio buffer is empty.

Exiting with Rollout

Rollout will mute the audio input and play out the delayed audio buffer, when the buffer is equal to the rollout overlap value the mixer will switch on the bypass audio feed

Dumping Audio

When the dump button is pressed in Dump Audio mode, audio will be removed from the buffer at the desired dump size.

Censor Button

Use the Censor button to bleep out any content. the Censor button can be used in either Pre-Delay or Post-Delay. Pre-Delay censor control allows for reaction offset.

Cough Button

Press the cough button to temporarily mute the audio input, this allows announcer to talk to co-host or guests without feeding audio to transmission. When the cough button is released the delay will build by expanding the audio.

Adding Scheduled Filled and Censor Events

BDS allows for scheduled delay fill events when using insert mode aswell as scheduled censor events when using Dump Censor mode

Adding Axia GPIO

BDS has the ability to talk to the Axia Livewire GPIO Driver, this allows for external control and status

Adding Wheathstone ACI Interface

BDS allows for multiple Wheatstone control interfaces. Before assigning control and status IO you require a single Wheatstone server

Adding Wheatstone Status ACI

BDS allows you to configure status outputs using the Wheatstone ACI


Adding Wheatstone Control ACI

BDS allows you to configure control inputs using the Wheatstone ACI

Using Ember+

BDS allows for control and monitoring via the Ember+ protocol. This videos shows Ember+Viewer accessing the delay unit Control and monitoring tags

Configuring Email Groups

Configure custom email groups and assign to each BDS Instance, Email notifications are sent to when the unit is dumped and can contain Compressed on air and dumper audio

Uploading Audio Assets

Upload a variety of audio formats

Activating Licence

Enter your serial number to activate the number of available units.