Emergency Player


Service Based Emergency Player

Emergency Player is a windows based service which allows up to 6 concurrent players running on a single PC. Emergency Player offers a range of features including built in silence detection and audio player, Station position-er injector, Email notifications, Built in Shoutcast Streamer for remote listening, External Control via control protocol and Axia GPIO and Audio BlackOut which allows for special events of extended silence

Built in Audio Player

Upload Audio Assets via the web server and preview in the browser

External Control

With Axia GPIO and a propriety protocol easily control and monitor each emergency player

Shoutcast Server

Listen to the input and output of each emergency player via your desktop or mobile browser

Email Notifications

Send email notifications when a silence event times out and when audio returns

Audio Blackout

Schedule a global or player based audio blackout to disable the audio player in times of extended silence


Run up to 8 instances on the same machine