Responsive UI on Iphone X

Activating Your Licence

Before you start using remote play you must activate the licence.

Setting Up Network Interface

Remote Play Requires you to set the livewire interface, this then enables both the advertisements and audio.

Changing Server Name

Name your server to easily identify which site you are connected to.

Navigating the Source List

Sorting the Source List

the source list can be sorted by device name or device ip, each source can be displayed as the name, source number or multicast address

Listening to a Source

to listen to a source simply select the source

Creating Source Presets

Each user has a specific set of presets which are cached within the browser, simply drag and drop sources onto the buttons for easy access to your favorite source

Changing Shoutcast Encoder Bitrate

Remote Player Server uses a shoutcast encoder to send the audio from the server to the browser, by default the bitrate is 128 kbs but if you require a lower or high bitrate simply change the encoding rate

Adding Sources to the LockList

 Lock list enables authentication requirements for sources, for example a microphone in a studio may not be ON, however the audio source can still be heard via livewire. This requires the source to be locked so only authentication users are able to listen